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It can can be a terrifying experience when someone breaks into your house especially if you’re home and the intruder is armed. The first and most important thing is to ensure your safety and the security of your family. Gather quickly everyone in one room, lock the door and block it with something heavy like a bed.

Once you’re in a safe position immediately call 911 and avoid any attempt to tackle the intruder because it can only make things worse and wait quietly for the police to arrive.

If your not at home while someone has broke into your house do not enter and follow these steps:

Call the Police

Call 911 and provide your full name and address. Stay calm and provide much information as you can about the situation.

Stay at a Safe Distance

Wait for the police to arrive at a secure location away from your house like inside your car or at your neighbor’s house.

Let the Police Secure the Scene

When police officers show up let them investigate and clear your home before you enter just to make sure that the intruder is no longer present.

Provide Details to the Police

Share any discoveries you have made such as signs of forced entry and broken windows which could be helpful for the police investigation.

Avoid Tampering with Evidence

Do not touch anything in your home until the police have finished their investigation as you can contaminate potential evidence.

Document Damages and Losses

Take photos of any damage and make a list of stolen and damaged items, this documentation will be important for the police report and insurance claims.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Report the break-in to your insurance provider as soon as possible and provide them with the police report and any documentation of the damage and stolen items.

Call a Locksmith

After the police done securing your home is the next step. Call a certified locksmith and let him fix everything related to damaged locks in your house.

Install High Security Quality Locks

Request the locksmith to install high security quality locks on all entry points, these locks are durable and stronger. Consider extra deadbolts, keyless entry systems or smart locks for better security.

Rekey Existing Locks

If your houswe was recently break into ask the locksmith to rekey your existing locks to ensure that old keys are no longer open your home.

Window Locks

Make sure that all windows have locks and if not a locksmith can install new locks or upgrade existing ones to provide better security against intruders.

Garage Door Security

Secure your garage door because it can be a common entry point for burglars and ask the locksmith to install heavy duty locks on the garage doors.

Patio Sliding Door

Upgrade the security of your sliding doors with security bar to prevent it from being forced open.

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