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What Are Panic Bars? Who Can Install Them And Where?

Panic bars also known as push bars serve as emergency exit devices and commonly found in commercial buildings. These bars are horizontal and mounted on the inside of doors typically at waist height. When pushed they release the door lock mechanism and allow a quick and easy exit during urgent situations. This design enables people to use their own body weight against the bar to open the door which is crucial in times of an emergency.

Where Panic Bars Are Used?

Panic Bars are utilized in many commercial buildings where a quick evacuation may be necessary. Educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities install panic bars to ensure safe evacuation routes for students.

In commercial buildings like big offices and shopping malls panic bars are important for the safety of employees and customers.

Who Can Installs Them?

The installation of panic bars is typically carried out by professional locksmith technicians but also other professionals with expertise in commercial door systems and safety regulations can install them this includes certified commercial door contractors, building maintenance teams and security system installers who specialize in access control devices.

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