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Panic Bars: What are they, where are they used and who installs them?

Panic bars also known as crash bars, push bars or exit devices are a type of door opening mechanism commonly found in commercial and public buildings and are designed to provide quick and easy exit from a building in case of an emergency such as a fire or other urgent situation.

What are Panic Bars?

Panic bars are horizontal bars mounted on the inside of a door usually at waist height and when pushed they release the door lock mechanism which allowing the door to swing open. This design enables a person to open the door by simply applying body weight or pressure which is very helpful in times of panic when messing with a regular lock can cause a delay in a quick exit.

Where are They Used?

Panic bars are widely used in many different settings particularly where a swift evacuation might be necessary.

Educational Institutions

Schools, colleges and universities to ensure safe evacuation routes for students and staff.

Commercial Buildings

Office buildings and shopping malls for the safety of employees and customers.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, clinics and nursing homes where the quick evacuation of patients and staff is critical.

Entertainment Venues

Theaters, concert halls and sports stadiums where large crowds gather.

Industrial Facilities

Factories and big warehouses where workers need quick access to exits in time of emergency.

Government Buildings

To meet safety regulations and ensure public safety.

Who Installs Them?

The installation of panic bars is usually carried out by professionals with expertise in commercial door systems and safety regulations.

Licensed Locksmiths

Certified locksmiths who are skilled in all aspects of door hardware including panic bars.

Commercial Door Contractors

These contractors specialize in the installation and maintenance of doors in commercial settings.

Building Maintenance Teams

In some cases especially in larger facilities with in house maintenance staff.

Security System Installers

Professionals who install and maintain integrated security systems including access control devices like panic bars.

Compliance and Regulations

Panic bars are often mandated by local building codes and safety regulations especially in public buildings and big closed spaces with high occupancy rates, these regulations ensure that buildings are equipped with appropriate means of quick exit in emergencies. 

Compliance with standards like those set by the National Fire Protection Association and the Americans with Disabilities Act is absolutely necessary.

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