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What Is A Door Closer And Why Are They Important?

A door closer is a mechanical device that automatically closes a door after it’s opened, ensuring it’s securely shut. These devices are important for maintaining security, controlling access, and preventing the spread of fire and smoke. They are essential in commercial buildings for safety and compliance with building codes.

Primarily used on interior doors there are 4 distinct designs surface mounted, concealed in the frame, concealed in the door itself and concealed in the floor. 

If you choose a surface mounted door closer you’ll also have more options such as slide track arm or parallel arm surface mount. Each design offers different level of safety, durability and resistance to vandalism.

Can a door closer keep a door open?

A door closer is primarily designed to automatically close a door after it has been opened, however some door closers are equipped with a hold open feature that allows the door to stay open at a set angle. 

This feature is very useful in particular at high traffic areas or for accessibility purposes.

Discover the benefits of installing door closers

Installing a door closer in your home or business can bring quite few benefits for example door closers are commonly used on fire doors to comply with safety regulations and prevent the spread of smoke and fire. 

A door closer can assist in maintaining room temperatures by preventing cold air from constantly escaping through open doors and also door closers can reduce the noise associated with doors slamming shut and in environments such as offices, schools and hospitals this can create a much quieter and more peaceful atmosphere.

Professional Locksmith Insights for Your Needs

When it comes to make a decision about installing a door closer there are some factors to consider.

Types of Door Closers

It is highly important to consider the different types of door closers available to find the best fit for your specific needs.

Force Considerations

Assess the force required for the door closer which depends on the door size and weight.

Speed Adjustments

Evaluate the appropriate speed at which the door should close and make sure safety and functionality.

Professional Assistance

Dealing with these aspects can be complex, but a professional locksmith is experienced in handling these considerations.

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