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As a well known locksmith company based in Charlotte we strongly recommend against keeping a spare key outside your house because thieves are waiting for those opportunities and are very skilled at finding these hiding spots and break into your home.


If you still decide to keep a spare key outside your house it’s important to put some thoughts about it and find the safest hiding spot to avoid obvious hiding places.


Here are the worst places to hide a spare key:

Under your doormat

This is the most predictable hiding spot ever and almost every thief will look over there.

Fake rock that looks obviously not real

While the idea of a fake rock can be clever many of these products don’t blend well with natural surroundings.

Under a flowerpot or in it

Similar to the doormat a flowerpot is also a common hiding spot and burglars often check under pots or in the soil for your spare key.

Inside your mailbox

This location is not only predictable but also legally risky as tampering with mailboxes is a federal offense and placing a key inside can lead to legal complications.

Anywhere within a 10 feet radius of your front door

Keeping a spare key close to the entrance of your houes makes it easier for burglars to find it and It’s better to think outside the box and choose a spot that isn’t nearby the door.

Here are the best places to hide a key:

Bury it in your back yard

Take a container like a medicine bottle put your spare key inside and bury it in your yard in a spot that is not too close to the entrance but still a spot that you can remember.

Rain gutter trick

Securely attach your key inside the rain gutter using silver duct tape ensuring it won’t get wet. Tape it deep inside as much as your arm can reach.

A Lockbox

Place your key inside a combination lockbox and and place it discretely somewhere only you can find around your house.

Dog house

If you have a dog hiding a spare key inside or under the dog house can be a great strategy since intruders generally try to avoid provoking dogs.

Trusted neighbor

Another great option is to exchange keys with a trusted neighbor which allows helping each other to recover a lockout situation.

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